What is porcelain Lamina?

It is a technique that is applied by thinning only the front faces of the teeth 0.3-0.7 MM without cutting and where healthy tooth fill-in is minimally lost.

In which cases are porcelain Dental laminates applied?

Teeth whitening results are not being obtained with highly colored, – In teeth whose structural form and shape are not good, – Correction of broken or worn teeth, – Repair of old fillings with damaged color and structure, -Even if the crooked and crooked teeth are not corrected (as an alternative to orthodontic treatment), simple cosmetic can be a perfect solution. Porcelain laminated can be applied to almost everyone, but in those who have bad habits such as jaw disorder, nail eating habit, pen biting, and in conditions where severe gingival withdrawal is possible, laminated treatment cannot be done.
If the patient’s gums do not need a treatment or an intervention from an aesthetic point of view, it is possible to get a new smile by lamina method within 2-3 sessions i.e. 1 Week.

Teeth are measured without eroding and work is done on the model.

The teeth are eroded and the precise measurement is taken and the
measurement is repeated.

Then the laminas are glued to the teeth.

They can be used for many years without any problems, provided they have a
good oral care.

They are resistant to staining and abrasion.

It is necessary to avoid biting hard foods and eating nails.

Bonding application is used to remove small shape and color defects in teeth, to remove tooth defects by extending spaced, perplexed, worn, broken and short teeth, to proportionalize tooth sizes by extending spaced, perplexed, worn, broken and short teeth, it is the process of applying bonding material and tooth color compositresin to the desired areas without removing tissue from the tooth surface.
Instead of making amalgam (silver) or composite (white) llings on partially damaged teeth, porcelain llings are prepared and placed in the existing cavity in terms of aesthetic and robustness. It is a procedure that can be completed in several sessions.