Cerrahi dental group, which first started to serve under the name Dentisland Dental polyclinics, has opened its first branch in Bakırköy as of 2013. Our group, which opened its second branch in Kadıköy Bağdat Street as of 2018, has started to serve under the name of Surgical Group Dental Polyclinic in Avcılar with its renewed name and experienced staff as of 2021. Cerrahi dental group continues to mention our name every day with its successful work in the developing and updated oral and dental health sector. In the trust of successful Turkish physicians, with the latest technological equipment and infrastructure equipment, it aims to increase the understanding of service in international quality standards, committed to ethical values. All our patients who choose to receive services from our institution are provided with access to all the dental health services they need in our center. With its friendly team and value-adding service approach, surgical dental group is always with you! Because We Matter Your Smile!

Our Mission

Our Group’s mission in Turkey which is a rising value in health tourism is to provide accurate and quality service to all patients with professional teams and current treatment forms as a reference institution

Our Vision

As Cerrahi Grup Dental Clinic, the goal of our foundation is to provide healthcare services that increase the quality of life of the society with qualified healthcare professionals with an ethical service understanding in oral and dental treatments, with continuous education and development efforts.


Quality and Efficient Service
Reputation, honest, reliable service
24/7 Health Consultants
Safe and quality travel
Professional team
Correct and up-to-date treatments
Reference patient priority